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A.I. Experiments by Google

Explore machine learning by playing w/ pics, music, and more

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Tony Brix
@google has created an easy way to play around with A.I. and learn what it can be used for.
Tony Brix
Quick, Draw is wildly addicting
Ryan Hoover
Similar to Chrome Experiments. Smart way for Google showcase people's ideas and position itself on the forefront of tech. The cow-powered Infinite Drum Machine is kind of ridiculous.
David Vasquez
@rrhoover Actually is the best way to get insights from users, and use this data for their A.I machine. We are just giving Google all the information they want ;) !
yadav prasanth
I'm gonna use quickdraw for inspirations..kind of takes away stress.. addicting
Ernest Oppetit
QuickDraw: finally a more objective Pictionary ;) (you play against a neural net)
Abhilash Jain
Great way to get in tune with Machine Learning / A.I
Carlos Delgado
I can spend hours drawing...Well played Google, Well played...
leanne mclaughlin
I've had so much fun playing this during my lunch!
André Filgueira Simões
Nice to see A.I. experiments! I'm excited to see they working with bots.
Matt Hudson
One step closer to machine take-over ... and I like it?
Binoy Xavier Joy
It' so cool to see technology💡 slip out from behind our screens 🖥 and spread like a thin layer across the world 🌍 . AI and ML are about to take over the world. Interesting times! 🔥
Julian Lozano
This is so fun. Giorgio is hilarious haha
Nice things are going fast...
Tom Brinton
QuickDraw... there goes my day.
Mat Sherman
Well this kills productivity for the day.
Nick Smith
Coolest thing I've seen on the internet.
Julia Selker
Of course, if it tells you to draw a basketball it assumes you followed instructions. Dangerous assumption.
Julia Selker
To spare it more bad data, let it be known that there are certain body parts that it will never guess.
blake folgado
Putting my drawing skills to the test on the trackpad
Timmu Tõke
Kevin Fessenden
I agree that Quick Draw is awesome but Giorgio Cam is hilarious. Image recognition put to music with some humor mixed in. Made me smile.
AI Experiments is a showcase for simple experiments that make it easier for anyone to start exploring machine learning, through pictures, drawings, language, music, and more.
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