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Ouriel Ohayon
After years of no change, Gmail for iOS gets finally a facelift on par with Android. I was afraid they were going to be all in Inbox which i hate and would kill the Gmail app. On the good news: faster. On the bad: label management is a disaster. for some reasons they don t use the same display rules as on desktop and you can t hide labels... oh and they still did not had any 3d touch shortcut on iOS
Elliot Ross
This is 👌. in addition to the features they mentioned, Gmail app for IOS now supports responsive HTML, which means that any marketing/transactional/formatted emails you receive suddenly got a whole lot easier to read.
Ade-Lee Adebiyi
@iamelliot the email community will be pleased! This also means more awesome emails for everyone!
Rob Bettis
Has Gmail brought unified inbox to iOS yet? Seems like Android has had it for so long.
Manny Orduña
@robbettis ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ GIVE UNIFIED INBOX. I don't understand why this option isn't available.
adam mashaal
@mannyorduna @robbettis Totally - this needs to be at the top of their feature list!
Manny Orduña
@adammash @robbettis The technology just isn't here yet!
Ken Rossi
@mannyorduna @robbettis it's on android they do this refresh and still not available. I am staying with inbox mainly because I love bundles..
Manny Orduña
@kenrossi @robbettis same, I'm with inbox but hate that there is no unified inbox.
Ryan Hoover
My favorite addition: Undo Send This feature has saved me quite a few times in the web version of Gmail (pro tip: enable it in your settings here.)
Troy Osinoff
@rrhoover One of the most underrated gmail labs innovations.
Tom Redman
@rrhoover Also would pay for a decent SMS app that integrates this in a smart way.
Abhinaw Kumar
@rrhoover True! but max of 30 sec limit saves meanly 5% of times.
Pedro Fuentes
@rrhoover swipe to archive and delete... sweet, but I'm still missing snooze
Yoav Hornung
@pedrofuentes @rrhoover I second that! it's a waste that swipes to both (!) sides do the same thing..
Kenneth Luplau-Brøgger
@rrhoover My favorite feature is notifying me that I have written "I've attached a PDF" but haven't attached anything...
@rrhoover I wouldn't really call this a facelift, they rarely even changed anything other than make the color of the bar on the top red. I still prefer the deafult iOS Mail app, not sure why but sometimes sticking to basics is the best way to go. It's simple, but perfect in every way at the same time. :)
Santiago Merea
@pedrofuentes @rrhoover there's Inbox for that.
Josh Muccio
@rrhoover Yeah I've been using this for the past week. I liked it UNTIL I started seeing ads at the top of the promotions tab. Super annoying so I switched back to Inbox. But I suppose it's only a matter of time before we'll see ads on Inbox as well 😒
Scott Jacques
@rrhoover Can you help escalate the known issue of safari as default and hard coded browser for links from Gmail 5.0 (it is a known issue & pretty major oversight by google product team). See:!msg/gmail/ncEWc9HdWOg/PKJ5vKaCBgAJ
Josh Buchea
@pedrofuentes @rrhoover Yes! The one killer Inbox feature that the Gmail app is missing: snooze!
Andrew Roth
@kenneth_brogger_luplau @rrhoover It's embarrassing how often this saves me :)
No more nested labels :(
Janos Rusiczki
@chrisdolle what? forealz? do i have to redo 90% of my gmail labels?
Gordon Mei
@chrisdolle RIP "Chats" label too, where the Talk/Hangouts chat logs used to be accessible outside of desktop web.
Antoine Plu
So they just killed Inbox by having the exact same design, (almost all) features, interactions on Gmail? 🤔
Manny Orduña
@antoineplu tweet both gmail and inbox the other day wondering about differences. Seems Inbox keeps it neater with bundles though
Jason Briscoe
@antoineplu missing two of my favourite features however – Reminders & the ability to save web links to your Inbox.
Rahul Ramchand
@antoineplu Lololol
Reony Tonneyck
@antoineplu really? I don't see reminders or snoozing. If they have that I would start using Gmail app. Not on Android either.
Nick Hallam
@jbriscoe saving web links is awesome. Killed pocket for me
Jason Briscoe
@nhallam 100%!
Nick Timms
@antoineplu @jbriscoe Hey guys, noticed your comment is 1+ years old, however have you looked at for reminders and web links / note-saving?
Antoine Plu
@nptimms no thanks I'm good ✌️
Bolivar Baez Grullon
Finally! This looks great. I thought they had abandoned it.
Rob Breeds
Initial reaction was to tweet "What have you done?!" to Google, but now I like it - press and hold to reveal the checkbox selection is nice way of keeping it out of the way.
Raul San Narciso
Interesting. In this new version I can not choose my privacy settings and all images are downloaded by default. This makes me vulnerable to marketing software trying to know whether I've opened an email. The reason why I kept using the gmail app was this feature. This feature is not included in the gmail counterpart "Inbox" either. Now I'll have to stop using gmail on my iPhone! I am not sure why would they remove this feature... anybody has thoughts about this?
Ben Ho
@raulsann Same here. I looked high and low to find the setting to disable downloading of images by default but can't find it. Makes me wish they didn't update the app.
Raul San Narciso
@benhomie totally. I should have kept the old version. This feature is available on the Android app. It doesn't make sense that they decided not to add it for iOS.
Niv Dror
The new Gmail app has: ✅ Swipe to archive! ✅ Undo Send! ✅ Did I mention swipe to archive!! 🎉🎉🎉
Chuck Pos
@nivo0o0 Who uses Archive anyhow
Fabio Bracht
@raritan @nivo0o0 Me. (And, I think, everyone who doesn't get ginormous amounts of email and wants to keep their inbox sanity.)
Chuck Pos
@fabiobracht @nivo0o0 Maybe I should start trying it. Sounds exhausting though... Also can't you easily Archive in iOS default mail?
Fabio Bracht
@raritan @nivo0o0 It's no more exhausting than the cognitive exhaustion of having 3 or 4 or 5 digits on your unread mail count. :) And it's easy to start: select every email on your Inbox — every single one — go through the last month or so, deselect everything that looks both actionable and important, then Archive All. If it's older than a month it's not really important — if it was, you would have replied/take action by now. And if there's anything older than a month that is actually important, it will come back to the top of your inbox at some point. Relax. From this point on, it's just a matter of not letting the emails pile on again. Archive everything that's not important or actionable. Create filters to help you with this. (Google Inbox's automatic "bundles" are great for this.) Deflect emails to come back another day if they're important but you won't be taking action on them today. If you start to go too many days without reaching Inbox Zero and too many mails are piling up on your Inbox (for me this threshold is 15, 20 max), make a concentrated effort to get to Inbox Zero that day and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it.
Chuck Pos
@fabiobracht @nivo0o0 My issue is for search (on iOS mail app) the results do not show if it's been archived
Fabio Bracht
@raritan @nivo0o0 Simple solution: don't use iOS Mail app. Or at least have the Inbox app installed and ready for when you need to search. But at this point I would just suggest using the Inbox app entirely — it's better anyway. Plus, you're using email from Google, makes more sense to use it on a Google app than on an Apple one.
S. Suchanowski
@nivo0o0 "Swipe to archive!" -- seriously? doesn't every email app do that?
Ben Lang
Looks exactly like Gmail on Android :)
Frantzdy Romain
@benln agreed. I'm getting an android experience on my iPhone.
Adheen Ajay
@benln Exactlyy..!!
Bob Troia
Nice facelift, but still frustrated that you can't multi-select photos from your camera roll to attach to messages (have to select one at a time ☹️ )
Steve LeGuen
I don't have time to evaluate this new Gmail. Been pretty satisfied with Inbox. Can anyone tell me if this is better than INBOX? Thanks in advance!
Jason Briscoe
@steve_leguen missing two of my favourite features – Reminders & the ability to save web links to your Inbox from Chrome/browser.
Steve LeGuen
@jbriscoe Thank you! 2 features I use frequently so not the time to move back to Gmail! Have a great day!
Gabriel R.
The one killer feature in Inbox is Snooze. It's a bit lame is you can't do a plain "Snooze for 1h" but still, very useful.
Josh Buchea
@gr I agree, would love snooze in the Gmail app!
Luigi Vacca
Not bad ! I'm still looking for "Mark as unread". Who knows ? Thanks.
@luigivacca There is an envelope icon placed near to "more" (top right) for that function :)
Elijah Elkins
Until they get something like the Outlook app iOS (email, calendar, contacts, files), their app is not very useful to me. Getting tasks in their as well would be great!
Mario Uher
Still Material design on iOS 😔
Guy Malachi
Dammit the default view is now always "Important & Unread". Even if you switch views manually, it switches back next time (and you can't change the default anywhere)
@guy I hate this. I want to determine what's important to me.
Richard Goodwin
@aprudy @guy Agree. I'm carrying a iPhone 7 Plus now, and they managed to take up so much more of the screen with garish defaults that it actually lost information density and personal relevance.
@rgoodwin @guy You and me both. I don't mind having the ability to shift to Important and Unread but I want to start with a chronological Inbox.
Mike Underell
@aprudy @rgoodwin @guy Could not agree more.
Nick Timms
@guy old comment (I know!) but if you're looking for a different layout you may want to consider some gmail extensions. We have one ( but there are loads thatn will add a lot 'extra' onto Gmail experience.
Scott Entwistle
Thankful they've updated (finally) but doesn't have any killer features and doesn't come anywhere close to something like Polymail. Also, after so long they don't even update the app icon? The app icon is automatically connected to memories of the ugly old interface. Should have put out a fresh one to have a truly "new design"
Brandon Foo
@scawtent thanks for the support, Scott! 💌
Brian Pensinger
Starting to get slightly frustrated that Inbox and Gmail are not just one unified app.
Malone Hedges
@phostercreative What do you feel you're missing without this unified app? Do you use both Gmail and Inbox currently?
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The official Gmail app brings the best of Gmail to your iPhone or iPad with real-time notifications, multiple account support and search that works across all your mail.With the Gmail app, you can:• Undo Send, to prevent embarrassing mistakes• Switch between multiple accounts• Get notified of new mail fast, with notification center, badge and lock screen options• Search your mail faster with instant results, predictions as you type & spelling suggestions• Swipe to archive/delete, to quickly clear out your inbox• Read your mail with threaded conversations• Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Google contacts or your phone• Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app• Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting and reporting spam• Send and receive attachments• See profile pictures as part of the conversation

What's New in Version 5.0.171119

• You can now add non-Google email accounts to the Gmail app via IMAP.


I know, it may sound ridiculous, but the mobile app is too much like the desktop/website version. This was not built to be optimized for the mobile phone. It has all the controls on the top which makes one hand email handling difficult. You have to change between accounts to check each email address instead of a unified mailbox (I have 4 through gmail and gsuite). There no fingerprint lock, no snooze option, and little customization. I would prefer to have all my email on one view as an option. Other apps like Spark, Inbox and even Outlook offer these features. The reason I have to use this app is because of the incredibly slow load time for gmail messages into third-party apps. It’s not all the time, but it’s frequent enough to be annoying where content takes minutes to load. It’s frustrating being between a rock and a hard place with an interface I’d prefer on another app that takes too long to load gmail messages. It works fine for gsuite and non-gmail accounts. I would love to use one app for all email and wouldn’t mind the Google app if it was a bit friendlier for mobile and didn’t require so much navigation.

Great but could add something

I have never had a problem with this app except for one thing which I’ll get too. The app runs smoothly and is easy to work except for one thing. It also doesn’t take up much storage but there is one problem. I don’t check my emails everyday because I don’t have time too so my emails build up. Eventually I get way past 99+ and then I have to go through and click EVERY EMAIL to delete it. If there was a button that moved every email to trash that would be awesome ( except it only did it for a section you choose such as the social section or the important section) GOOGLE IF YOU READING THIS PLEASEEEEEEEEE ADD A DELETE ALL BUTTON THIS WOULD BE A HUGEEEEEE HELP!!!!!!!!!! Besides that the app is great ?

Wish there were a few tweaks

Overall, I enjoy the app and it makes checking my gmail from my phone easy. I love that you can so easily switch between multiple accounts. There are just a few tweaks I wish they would make that make it more convenient and more identical to the computer version. My biggest annoyance with the app is probably that swiping an email in your inbox archives it, instead of something more practical like deleting it. I’ve had to undo that so many times. I mean, where do archived emails even go?? Also, I wish they allowed you to mark emails as “Important” the same way you can on a computer instead of just starring it.

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