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CloudApp 3.0

Your clipboard in the cloud

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Brian Lovin
CloudApp is a key tool for us at Buffer - our whole team uses it to share screenshots, designs, ideas and stories. It's a beautifully simple service that I recommend to anyone who finds themselves sharing images with a team or friends! Congrats on the 3.0 launch guys :)
Kevin Xu
Looks like they do automatic screen recording as a GIF now, that's a pretty awesome feature! The only thing that's kept me from using it daily is I really don't like having a history of my screencaps, most of them are really silly and me commenting on random obscure things that I don't want to see again. It's less secure, but this is why I still use imgur for most of my screencap uploading
Mike Bracco
I'll give it a go again and check out the new features. I moved to Droplr about a year ago and a half ago because I preferred their offering - and also b/c they have an official iOS app that's pretty solid and that I use often. CloudApp just has 3rd party iOS apps I believe. I'll try them out.
Brian Lovin
@bracco Good point Mike! I believe CloudApp recently acquired Cloudie though - great little tool :)
This now looks like its a feature-for-feature clone of Droplr. Imma give it another shot cuz why not.
Niv Dror
CloudApp is the app we use at Product Hunt to GIF Everything. Really like it... use it! :)
Alan Berezin
Awesomely elegant. Save a ton of clicking, pasting, opening other apps, etc.
Marcel Reschke
Currently there is a lifetime license deal for $39 at

Faster Communication. Easier Collaboration. Delighted Customers.

Over 2 million professionals use CloudApp to report bugs, explain features, offer support, and sell more

Show what needs to be done using video recordings to save hours

Record your screen to show or explain something. Use your voice to create a walkthrough. Add your face to be more personal.

Explain product features 300% faster with GIFs

Turn any area of your screen into an animated GIF. GIFs are great for training, documentation, on-boarding, and sales emails.

Give and get quick feedback with annotated images

Use annotations, lines, arrows, and emoji to get your point across faster. Make your ideas stand out, and explain yourself more clearly.

Feature Overview

  • High Quality GIFs

  • Screenshots and Images

Edit and Annotate

Enhance images and GIFs with annotations and emojis. Add quick drawings, arrows, lines, and other shapes to communicate your message and blur sensitive content

Share Instantly

Instantly share videos, screen recordings, annotated screenshots, and GIFs with your team and customers in your favorite tools