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Privacy Policy and Terms of conditions generator

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Kevin William David
Helps you generate Privacy Policy ,Terms and Conditions,Terms of Service,Terms of Use and Return & Refund Policy. Also checkout iubenda hunted earlier.
Anuj Adhiya
Anyone compared this to iubenda? One better than the other or interchangeable?
Raffaele Gaito
@AnujAdhiya let's ask @facens
Simon Schmid
@duplikey @AnujAdhiya hi, I'm filling in for @facens. We've (at iubenda) known termsfeed for a while and I don't think it's appropriate for us to jump in and compare it on here. Let me instead focus on what I think we are great at: - We're a software company and therefore understand some of the pains other developers have; - Our privacy product is based on European privacy laws which are the most inclusive out there. We are however adding in clauses and details from the States (mainly Cali) and other legislations making it as international as possible; - We run our in 6 languages now which allows developers to quickly add or remove new texts as soon as they need to; - Since our generated policies run on our servers we're able to deploy updates to all of our users as soon as there's a need, therefore giving them updates without actual work by them; We believe that our terms generator isn't good enough yet (tougher, more complicated topic), that's why we do terms in collaboration with local lawyers that make sure the quality is right there as it should be for the relevant market. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
[deleted user]
I've generally used http://automattic.com/privacy/. I quote: "(Note, we’ve decided to make this privacy policy available under a Creative Commons Sharealike license, which means you’re more than welcome to steal it and repurpose it for your own use, just make sure to replace references to us with ones to you, and if you want we’d appreciate a link to Automattic.com somewhere on your site. We spent a lot of money and time on the below, and other people shouldn’t need to do the same.)"
Joe Blau
This is perfect! I used https://www.docracy.com/mobileprivacy/ for a while, but this seems like this has a more documents. I can't wait to test it out.
Jared Scheel
First impression was an annoyance at the a la carte pricing. I understand the need for making a profit, but I wonder if an up-front package price could be a good option for people that don't want to make numerous micro-purchasing decisions during the process.
Mark M. Whelan
@jscheel agreed, I would go further, it reeks of a bait and switch style of pricing, furthermore, loses credibility by neglecting to include the professional credentials of the lawyers.
Ryan Hops
Totally agree with @jscheel - The a la carte pricing is a non-starter for me and makes for an awkward incentive to choose less options. I'd much rather pay an upfront fee.
Prasanna Venkatesh
@kwdinc I've iubenda policy on my site nextilearn.com. But I wanted other policies also like Terms and Conditions, Refunds and Returns etc. But TermsFeed is bit expensive if you're growing with minimum budget. First visit to ibenda I purchased the policy. But not TermsFeed. Tricky with adding additional costs based on your requirements. I won't recommend.
Simon Schmid
@prvenkatesh glad to hear. Regarding the up front payment iubenda's policy is simple. Good quality at a very reasonable price, but to be paid for in increments. The policy can be deleted, swapped or generally dealt with as the user sees fit.
Eileen Carey
Would like to know who the 'professional lawyers' are for reference or any existing customers as further validation that these terms and agreements are in fact 'safe' for use.
Ryan Crispin Heneise
Nice idea, but the cost would be over $60 and there was no way to preview what I was going to be paying for. No go.

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