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A multiplayer music experience

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Ryan Hoover
The things you find on reddit. This is surprisingly compelling and especially fun when people start following each other's patterns.
@rrhoover incredible find; lost in the game easily
Josh Puetz
This was actually really fun...amazing how I was able to create a song with strangers
Justin Jackson
Really fun, and instantly accessible.
Lyle McKeany
That was a blasty blast! Good find @rrhoover!
Alex Heeton
Wasn't expecting it, but damn fun :)
Bob Williams
Wow, that was fun! Wondering if the other person hears the exact same thing or if it's all approximated? Really compelling to collaborate in that way.
Gray Bright
Whoever I was just playing with had mad skills. That was great fun!!
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠
Oh my, I spend at least 15 minutes making music with three other peeps. Cool, very cool. The only thing I disliked is that we all had the same 'nickname', maybe they should implement a random DJ name generator, would be nice ;)