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Lookback's Awesome Mode

Record everything on iOS: any app, any website. No SDK.

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Jack Smith
such a shame that you need to jailbreak your device to use cool stuff like this.
Jonatan Littke
@_jacksmith Agree entirely! What we've found, though, is that jailbreak these days is so uncomplicated and especially for devices you don't use every day, like test devices, it's not really a hindrance anymore. But yes, it'd be rad to have this for remote testing :)
Nikita Korotaev
@littke Add a link somewhere on the website how to jailbreak. This looks awesome!
Kevin Li
i hope @thomaspun chimes in
Joe Anderson
User researchers dream! Look forward to making in house jailbroken apps :-)
David McKinney
Lookback is great. Good team and their main product is awesome. Looking forward to giving this a whirl.
Emiel Janson
It seems Reflector is still the better alternative. With Reflector you can record your screen using Airplay. http://www.airsquirrels.com/reflector/
Matt Galligan
@emieljanson It's a great option but is also poor quality when it comes to framerate. If you're trying to show off sweet 60FPS transitions, etc. it won't shine through. That's where screen recording on iOS 8 is going to come in!
Lachlan Campbell
Looks so great, but I'm not willing to jailbreak. I hear that iOS 8 has screen recording, though!
Matt Galligan
@lachlanjc You heard correctly! I've been using it myself w/ Yosemite + iOS 8 – it's absolutely perfect. Framerate is identical to the device so if you're trying to show off something impressive within an app or just generally have perfect fidelity, it's there. It can even record the sound coming from the device itself. It's amazing.
Lachlan Campbell
@mg Sounds great, thanks!
Jonatan Littke
@lachlanjc The Awesome Mode is an extension of the original Lookback that records 60fps of your own app. Requires an SDK installation but no jailbreak: https://lookback.io/
Matt Galligan
@littke Awesome. That would be great for internal builds and user testing.
Lachlan Campbell
@littke Oh cool! I'll check that out.
Ouriel Ohayon
Well for me best way is by far @reflector app. No jailbreak. No nada
Mayank Sanganeria
I've been hoping Lookback were going to release something like this soon. With the App Store supporting video screenshots, this is going to incredibly useful for being able to show the taps while recording video - something that both Reflector and iOS 8's screen recording are missing!
Andrew Torba
Ughhh I was so excited until I saw step 1.
Kevin Nakao
@littke is the orientation of the talking head video correct (using Google Chrome on Mac): https://lookback.io/watch/G5RQ2N2f48kex66ra
Jonatan Littke
@knakao Hmm, it is for me. What Chrome version, please? Thanks :)
Kevin Nakao
@littke Chrome Version 38.0.2125.8 dev (64-bit)