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Online banking with automatic budgeting

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They redesigned from scratch, looks really nice and seems "simpler" than before.
Kevin Davis
Looks like a visuals-only change. Looks great, but don't see any major changes. Did the Venmo stuff disappear in this release or was that previously?
@kgdavis I thought the Simple Instant was powered by Venmo?
Kevin Davis
@mzuvella possibly, but it doesn't look like there is any Venmo branding in the Simple app now
Hands down the best bank app there is. It runs circles around the national chains.
Kevin Chau
Hands down the best bank. No fees to worry about.
James Pember
This looks like a fantastic service. If only it was available outside US!
Saurabh Samdani
I tried it but too many shortcomings. You can't have recurring bills, you have to enter whole addresses even for credit card companies, no check writing, no joint accounts. Will keep this as a tertiary account but won't use it much
Jennifer Sardam
I've had a Simple account for at least a couple of years (probably more). I love it. Whenever I have needed assistance from customer service, they were prompt and friendly and easy to reach and resolved any issue effectively. And the issues weren't caused by them, but by a mistaken charge from an old creditor. I only would change one thing ... I'd like to see them add the option for customizable categories on our accounts. Sometimes the categories don't quite fit what I would prefer to lump some of my transactions into. But this is the best account I've ever had! So easy to track my spending. Love it! I told all my friends!
Jennifer Sardam
Also, they now offer joint accounts, if that's your thing.

Today we’re announcing major updates to both our iOS and Android apps. Simple 2.0 is here!

We built Simple to bring clarity to your finances. The Simple 2.0 release makes it even easier to stay on top of your financial life. With updates to our most popular features and an all new design, managing your money has never been so convenient.

Here’s what to look for when you open your Simple app today.

Simple Instant on Mobile

Simple Instant lets you exchange money with any Simple customer instantly. Sending money to another Simple customer is as easy as adding them as a contact and transferring funds.

Before today, this process happened exclusively on our web app. Now, you can send money to other Simple customers on the go. Your friend lent you cash? Pay them back immediately. You forgot to pay rent before taking off for a week-long trip? Get money to your roommates on the road, right from the mobile app.

Goals Update on Mobile

Many Simple customers find that using our web and mobile apps in tandem to manage Goals has helped them save more money than ever before. If you’re new to Goals, check out our primer here: 3 Steps to Simplifying Your Financial Life with Goals.

We recently updated the look and feel of Goals on the web. For Simple 2.0, we’ve used the unique capabilities of Android and iOS to make Goals feel more at home on mobile. Saving on the go now looks and feels better.

New Experience on Mobile

The updated design of our Android and iOS apps is a key feature of Simple 2.0. We seriously considered the inclusion of each customer interaction or design element and what it would add to the mobile experience. We simplified the design, relying on color, typography, and animation to guide your focus. The result are apps that feel more fluid, natural, and fun.

Onward and Upward

As Simple customers ourselves, we’re always looking for ways to improve the product we use and love. With this release, we focused on perfecting the basics: clean design and excellent user experience. The work we’re doing now provides a foundation for future enhancements. In short, we’re just getting started.

Learn how Simple can help you get confident with your money.