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Adam Lieb
I've been looking for something like this for awhile. I want everyone on my team to know how to work with SQL not relying on devs to build dashboards (or off the shelf tools). I never really found a great tool to teach them. This looks like it might be it.
Ilya Parshin
@adamslieb Hello, Adam! First of all: thanks for your review. I hope that our service can be helpful + soon we gonna add more content and probably you will find the well fit courses (for you and your team)!
Santosh Sankar
This is great. The need to manipulate and analyze data is important to all functions. Glad to see a solid tool to learn these skills with
Ilya Parshin
@santoshsankar Thank you ;)
Zack Shapiro
I love the cartoon pictures of the founders
Ilya Parshin
@zackshapiro = D Well, I believe that in real life I do not really look like a drunkard :) But I'm glad that you like these pictures ;)
Eddie Wharton
I love tools like this. I also really want to recommend the "Data Science" specialization on Coursera. I have learned a ton about R
Ilya Parshin
@EAWharton Eddie, thanks for comment! For R learning I can advise And of course I hope that you will stay with datamonkey :)
AWESOME! I could be the target user for this — a designer that does data visualization, but needs more improvement on data analysis. I hope you get into some more complex lessons as the product develops. Learning the basics of spreadsheets and SQL is undoubtedly important, but I'd like to see more challenging lessons. And small feedback: on extables/lesson/1, on the second step, there's a space in the AVERAGE formula. Great product!
Ilya Parshin
@extremelyn Emelyn, thanks! This is just the beginning and of course we'll add more content and more complex lessons. P.S. About the average: fixed. Many thanks for your feedback ;)
Jason Crawford
Great idea, nice landing page. Will definitely check this out
Ilya Parshin
@jasoncrawford Jason, thanks.
Duncan Blair
This looks really promising - great concept. One of the biggest things we end up helping people out with is setting up and understanding how to deal with data in a effective and meaningful way. Will be sharing with a few of our team to give it a test run.
Mark Abramson
@ilyaparshin do you mind if I share this with attendees of my database design workshop at Code Camp in October? It could be very helpful for them to share with their teams, too.
Ilya Parshin
@mark__a Of course I don't mind! It would be awesome!
Lyle McKeany
Signed up and excited to learn more! This is right up my alley as I transition into tech as a growth marketer. #ShamelessSelfPromotion
Stuart McCroden
I definitely think if you add a course for D3.js then you could get into doing data science courses (for fee) or machine learning courses. Of course, it depends on your target audience and what you want to build. Another thought, you could go through a solution and explain what's happening. Anyways, looks great!
William Peng
Really like this idea. You can apply data science to get so many different insights, definitely worth learning how to do.
Nick Zieber
The graphic design adds a great element of fun to something that would otherwise appear very boring. It makes me excited about spreadsheets!
Andrew Condurache
Great idea
Nice! Gonna give it a go.
Gautam Tambay
Excellent project! I'm going to play with it, and possibly list it as a resource in our Data Analysis Learning Path at SlideRule. Excited to see how it evolves.
Hi @ilyaparshin, started going through the SQL lessons to brush up. Very nice! Hope more advanced lessons and more practice exercises are added soon. One thing that was easy to spot was the non-native English. It's fine, so many of us are non-natives. I thought it would be nice to list a few suggested corrections in a Google Doc, and I did so here: I set the permissions such that you can edit in place, copy, etc. These are just some of the most immediate things that caught my eyes. Then I grew a bit tired from all the copy-pasting and thought to myself - everybody here seems so fond of what you're doing - if you publish all the text in DM in a collaborative document, I'm sure the community would be happy to help and get everything proofread quite quickly. What do you think ? Good luck!
Ilya Parshin
@alonnir Wow! Thank you so much for such a great help! This is really the great act of kindness. I can't thank you enough ... This is a cool idea about the "community text correction" :) And we will think how to integrate such idea to our UI. If you have any idea, feedback or you come up with idea how we can thank you - just write me via twitter, email (,, or skype (ilyaparshin). Many thanks!
@ilyaparshin Happy to help and want to see you succeed :) another option I thought about was maybe to break the text to chunks and put them up on Mechanical Turk for the turkers to proofread. I did it once and was blown away by the results. Quality feedback, in no time, and for just a few bucks. Just followed you on twitter. Lots of luck man!
I love the idea of this. We are constantly educating people about data basics when they are building viz and interactive sites with @silkdotco (I work there). Once people get basic data concepts then they become pretty quickly capable of building a better schema and structure. And data munging should be a 101 skill in any B-School, I think.

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