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Post funny replies to Slack as Mr. T, Yoda, Picard, & more

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Ryan Hoover
Perfect Friday hunt. I was trolling @lukasfittl with this last night.
Omar El Amri
@rrhoover @lukasfittl That's so awesome and funny! lol Would be nice to have a wise word from Yoda pop up once in a while in a boring Slack code review.
Jeremy Frisch
@rrhoover can we change the link on this hunt to point to the new address:
Nathan Hoad
Thanks for the share :)
Jason Zopf
wow goodbye productivity! so fun :)
Everette Taylor
This is awesome, the GrowthHackers team has just started using Slack - this will make it infinitely more fun.
Dylan La Com
@everette confirm this, Yoda does
Omar El Amri
My top feature request for Slack is screen sharing. Slack should acquire @screenhero now that they have the cash.
Ria Blagburn
@screenhero @oelamri Omar! You're psychic!
Matt Haltom
Would be cool if you could set this up to automatically reply to specific phrases or keywords as different characters.
Tyler Coffey
I love pulling this out once in a blue moon for the surprise effect. Thanks for making and sharing!
Josh Lewis!
Slack says "Test tokens are just for you. Treat them as you would a password. Never share test tokens with other users or applications." And yet the link on the Slacker home page sends me over to get one and hand it over. I guess I'm not really comfortable using the app unless it uses a better, more official integration method like the Slack Button.
Nathan Hoad
@joshlewis I just pushed out a massive update. Now it uses Sign in with Slack.
Josh Lewis!
@nathanhoad Awesome! Thank you so much!
Awesome! I enjoyed "spamming" our work slack private channel with these replies
Nathan Hoad
@ssieg I just pushed out an update with a bunch of new characters.
@nathanhoad Wow! you sure did! I also liked the updated sign-in process... good work!
OMG I just tried this and it's so cool. My snark level is now approaching tolerable.