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Hack My Résumé

A swiss army knife for resumes and CVs

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Ben Tossell
so many different ways to put together a resume out there. But employers see so many, that having one that stands out is 🔑 to success (Disclaimer: I'm not too proud of my first Khaled reference)
Hope Atina
@bentossell They don't want you to be proud
Marek Hrabe
@bentossell First reference is a great starting point in your journey of more success. Now we are expecting… Another One!
Tyler Longren
Really excited for the desktop app. Smooth on the terminal, so desktop app will just be a bonus.
Hugo Di Francesco
This is nice, I'm wondering what you guys think are the advantages over using a something like LaTex? Apart from the having to learn LaTex.
Matthieu Rigolot
@hugo__df Carrier pigeon resume delivery without a doubt!
Alexander Kehaya
Love this idea. Can you do a screencast on how to use the app?
Mani Kiran Peddinti
Good initiative. As much as standing out is important, recruiters like standard formats as it makes them easy to parse the information. Studies reveal most recruiters spend 40-60 sec on a resume so having things at right place is critical to make sure the most important parts are not overlooked. @meed we have made a study with lot of recruiters over few months to create one standard format for all our users.
This is interesting and I really like the idea of trying a new approach on an old document. We couldn't use this where I work. All info needs to be entered on our site where it is then parsed into our review screens. There's no opportunity for creative formatting for the resume.
Daniel Schildt
Tried the command line tool two days ago. Lot of promise, though there is need for more example resume layouts. Current set of themes are available in GitHub repository: https://github.com/fluentdesk/fluent-themes Have seen some similar tools in the past, but most of those were based on either XML or Markdown (instead of JSON, as in this tool).
Srdjan Kovacevic
Nice idea. When do you expect desktop version to be available?
Jp Valery
Same question as @srlle - Public Beta was announced for Dec 26th but couldn't find a link :/
Matt Durr
Really like this concept. Also https://www.producthunt.com/tech/json-resume-2 has a visual editor (online and open source) for the initial input.
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