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Making the invisible, visible. Safety spray by Volvo.

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Robert Nachum
This is super cool!
Spencer Lanoue
@robertnachum7 would love to use this. Any idea where it can be bought?
Robert Nachum
@slanoue Great question! Anyone?
Julian Renard
@robertnachum7 LifePaint is available for sale at most Volvo Car dealers.
Julian j/k Krenge
Great move from Volvo.
Very creative! It looks nice but would people really spray that paint on their clothes? You can also wear a reflective jacket and make sure your lights are working...
Eytan Buchman
@inlovewith01 Pretty sure the reason it's awesome is because of this: "Making the invisible, visible. LifePaint washes off, and will not damage the colour or the surface of your chosen material, lasting more than a week of normal usage" (from the website). Cool move!
Florian Stegre
So cool !!! I could use it for my bike and my motorbike too. Well done Volvo.
Tom Flemming
Genius Idea. A couple of the bike shops in London has a few early release ones. Where can you get it now?
Guy Mazzeo
I am an old guy with typical contrast vision loss and rarely drive at night. My greatest fear is hitting someone my contrast cannot see. Get this product.
Sameer K
I hunted this back in March 2015, 9 months ago, when it was originally released! Glad to see this is getting the attention today!
QuHarrison Terry
I can wait to grab a few cans for my bike and gear! Great product by Volo.
Chris Scott
Anyone know if this stuff has any effect on the integrity or finish of carbonfiber bike frames?
Rahul Ramchand
May I use this at a rave party?
@rahulr047 you and me, 50% shares each, lets sell t-shirts for festivals hahhaha
Rahul Ramchand
@poliukgv @rahulr047 Haha. Sounds like a plan my friend.
Vanessa Castañeda
@rahulr047 most excellent use case
Jai Pandya
It seems that this product is just a repackaged version of albedo100's invisible bright spray. Read it here on the website: Also, the original thing is available here if you want to buy it:
Simon Bromberg
"Lasting more than a week of normal usage." so you have to reapply it every week?
Nichlas W. Andersen
I was like "what about my horse!?!".. But then I found this:
Chris Smith
@nichlaswa I thought "what about my car?" and wanted to get some for my rear bumper. When I went to your reference, Albedo100 has a permanent paint that WON'T wash off every week. That's a much better deal. Also, Volvo's product doesn't seem to be available outside England and Bretagne.
Braden Hamm
Would love to spray some of this on my kid's bikes. Wonder if it helps during the day as well. A lot of gloomy days in the PNW.
Chris Messina
I want this for Burning Man and all the darktards that don't light themselves up!
Joshua Dance
Has anyone tried this? Seems great but want a hands on review.
Simon Burns
Wonder if the self driving car team was like "We're on schedule, but bikers at night are impossible for the sensors to pick up". Then some other team went to go build Life Paint. Solving an internal problem then shipping it out to the masses.
Elia Morling
Nobody from Volvo participating in this thread?
Steven Hambleton
Can't wait to beam my lights at a car only to be confronted with a bright reflective penis painted on the side. Cue the lawsuits!
Nichlas W. Andersen
I was like "what about my horse!?!".. But then I found this:
Marcus Karoumi
*Proud Swede*


About the paint

Volvo Cars presents LifePaint. Road safety shouldn't be for the few. It should be for everyone. The ones not driving our cars, and the ones who prefer two wheels to four.

LifePaint is a unique water based reflective safety spray. Invisible by daylight, it glows brightly in direct glare of car headlights. Making the invisible, visible. LifePaint washes off, and will not damage the colour or the surface of your chosen material, lasting more than a week of normal usage.

LifePaint can be used in all sorts of ways. Please note that it works best on textile materials. Applied to clothes, shoes, helmets, pushchairs and children's backpacks - even dog leads and collars.#volvolifepaint

Share your LifePaint photos at #VolvoLifePaint

Volvo Cars/Albedo100 accept no liability or responsibility for any individual or individual's accident or injury by any road user or other object whilst wearing LifePaint, damage to property caused directly or indirectly by the paint and that it is transferable. Cycle safety is the cyclist's responsibility and LifePaint is one of the many products that can aid visibility but cannot prevent accidents caused by the individual or other road users. In the making of this film we used both LifePaint and another reflective paint product provided by Albedo100. LifePaint (which is water-based) was used on the textiles, while another Albedo100 reflective paint product (which is oil-based) was used on the bicycle frames and other metal surfaces. The film has not had any post production enhancement to the reflective capabilities seen. Please note that LifePaint is primarily designed to stick on dry textiles and is most effective on fibrous materials. For a full description of how LifePaint works and could be used, please see our FAQ's

  • Every year in the UK over 19,000 cyclists are involved in accidents

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By 2020, no person will be killed, or seriously injured, by a new Volvo.

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