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Artificial skylight that you won't believe isn't real

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Kelly Kuhn-Wallace
Brilliant. I'm going hang out here in case Coelux needs a house in Minnesota for testing.
Ilyas Hassani
amazing , no price ?
Dru Wynings
@ilyashassani $60,000+ (
Chris Messina
@druwynings @ilyashassani from that link "CoeLux currently costs £40,000 (~$61,000) to buy and up to £5,000 (~$7,600) for installation."
Jonathan Howard
@chrismessina @ilyashassani How does that price compare to a real skylight installation?
Stephen M. Levinson
@staringispolite @chrismessina @ilyashassani You can't put a skylight in a basement. Don't think it's a replacement for a hole in the roof.
Serge Herkül
Useful for a post apocalyptic bunker
Silviu St
@_sergeh Yeah, would love to see this in Fallout's vaults 😰
Clark Wimberly
Does the light angle shift throughout the day? Kinda surprised the video never mentioned / showed that, so I assume no.
Malcolm Ocean
@clarklab No it seems pretty clean by the product names (60, 45, and 30) that you get exactly one angle per device.
André J
@malcolm_ocean @clarklab So it feels like your in a different solar system. I like it.
Craig Brimm
Angus Edwardson
I'm assuming the shade of light and angle shifts throughout the day, and time of year? Such a great idea.
Tom Moor
@namshee It doesn't shift unfortunately... you'd think for that price!
Chris Davis
"CoeLux says future improvements will include the ability to change the position of the sun in the frame and dynamic color temperature of the sunlight"
Orçun İlbeyli
Well, it suits perfectly to my vault.
Zac Davies
"you won't believe isn't real" - What.
Tim Dorr
@zacdavies You won't not never ever believe it isn't not unrealistically nonexistent!
rahul gupta
This is incredible!
Karthikeyan NG
Steve Biddick
It even has a 'Goth' setting for night-time scenes.
Marko Vuletic
Mind = BLOWN
Tyler Hayes
Can't wait for them to be able to drop the price and expand the market. Premium brand products at accessible prices are brilliant right now while generally speaking people on average are getting wealthier, and developing taste for better products.
Bryan M. Blanchot
This product is simply wonderful !
Paul Ronald Green
Like any new product it's always very expensive at first. I can see this in mass production soon as I think there will be a huge demand and the price should be in the 100s not 1000s in retail stores.
Constantijn Seys
Discussion on HN:
Heather Redman
loving this. have you done tests on seasonal affective disorder and this product? could one potentially get a prescription to have one installed? would be great for office environments too.
Niv Dror
I see we're already preparing ourselves for the Matrix in case we wake up.. Good work.
Clement Cazalot
You know that you are witnessing the future when an innovation is putting in perspective a vision changing the physical world (enabling "earthscrapers" vs skyscrapers) regardless of if this is this technology that will win! I love it!