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Matt Aussaguel
Hi Product Hunters! A year ago, we launched MaterialUp, a daily showcase of Material Design and following its success, we're excited to expand today to the world of site design and development with SiteUp, a place for designers and front-end developers to find inspiration and resources, through a daily showcase. ​ You can use SiteUp in two ways: share your own work to get exposure and feedback from like-minded peers, and find the resources and inspiration you need to create sites. On the showcase you can share UI concepts, front-end resources, really cool experiments – one of my favorites ;), live sites... and as always prototypes are most welcome (Videos, FramerJS, CodePen, InVision or Marvel)! The real beauty of it is that you can interact with the site creators, see what technologies they've used to make it (programming language, framework, fonts, etc.) and try the site in different resolutions from SiteUp directly. You can see an example here – make sure to hit 'Launch it'. ​ It’s a site that I have needed so much whenever I created websites, so the concept is very thought through and the vision is big! You can read all about the story behind SiteUp and our vision on Medium. Product Hunt is again a big influence in how SiteUp works, so we’re very excited to launch it here. Feedback and comments are most welcome :)
John Alexander
so many of these resource sites but I am not even upset :)
Braden Hamm
I love the ability to test the responsiveness on the site. Great idea!
Matt Aussaguel
@bradenhamm Thanks Braden :)
Saijo George
Congrats @mattaussaguel . Big fan of your work :)
Muni Perez
@mattaussaguel , amazing! I'm a big fan of MaterialUp, and this one is great too ;)
Anything available for iOS? @mattaussaguel
Matt Aussaguel
@prokotasic We don't have an official app at the moment (there are some on Android) but we have a secret API. Let me know if you're interested.
Cheng Qian
I can't sign up for email newsletters.
Matt Aussaguel
@chiancheng Strange, can you send me you email address matthieu.aussaguel at and I'll subscribe you :)
Sonya Davis
I love this, and will totally come in handy for us.
Kevin Granger
@mattaussaguel you are killing it guys!

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