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Joost v der Straaten
Once again a great job done by Spotify. Having switched to Apple Music earlier this year the data is slightly weird for me, but this is a perfect example of Spotify still working hard to stay competitive.
Nicolas Nemni
@joostmq Why did you switch to Apple Music if I may ask?
Joost v der Straaten
@nicolasegosum I gave it a shot and got the three-month trial. I duscovered many new songs through it and created some playlists, then just went with it from there. And Apple Music has Taylor Swift, of course.
Nicolas Nemni
@joostmq Cool. Although I've been using Apple products since I was born, I have to say that the current UX of Apple Music is not as good as Spotify's one. I'm sure Apple will catch up, but for now I stick with Spotify. Plus I'm not a Taylor Swift fan. 😁
Joshua Dance
@joostmq Same for me. I loved being able to have Siri play any song I could think of. And TSwift.
Nik Sharma
@joshdance @joostmq Are you guys still there on Apple Music? I ended up cancelling due to playlist sync conflict, and UX issues that Spotify doesn't have.
Ben Lang
Spotify did this last year and it was awesome: Number one global artist for 2015 is of course:
Shame its such a CPU hog at the moment, also running incredibly slow.
Jack Dweck
I listened to 15,000 minutes of music in 2015 😱 How many did you?
Michael Aleo
@jackdweck 25,000. Crazy.
Ryan Hoover
Here's mine: I live on Spotify but I'm surprised to hear that I've listened to nearly 40 days of music. 😱
David Johnson-Igra
@rrhoover Do you ever listen to Bonobo, Bibio or Chrome Sparks?
Ryan Hoover
@sfdji LOVE Bonobo. I saw him in concert a few years ago. Chrome Sparks is 🔥, not sure if I've listened to Bibio.
Nicolas Nemni
@rrhoover Mmmmm, Is everybody getting 57k minutes?
@sfdji @rrhoover Chrome Sparks is so sick. That Panama remix is stupidly good.
Andrew Brackin So far I'm winning! :p
This company's community engagement is ridiculously good. Glad to see their still putting so much time and effort into neat things like this.
Heath W. Black
I'd rather get this data delivered monthly, tbh. Seems like knowing my patterns could help me diversify in realtime.
Collin Hartigan
I win?
Pierre Vannier
Anyone with 31.536.000 minutes?
Sabrina Bruning
Alright alright, enough of this minutes measuring. What are the coolest genres listeners have discovered from this? Mine are: - Indietronica - Metropopolis - Deep Show Talent (no idea what this is)
Philipp Meder
The page takes years to load for me
Andrés S. Sandaza
Nice one. It´s great to have your own personalised ranking of the year all based on real data. Having a music startup and just 25k minutes, shame on me, it should be that I´m moving to he
Ian Macalinao
I'm waiting for Spotify to release an API so that I can build my own version of this.
Louis Monoyudis
Love this!
Harri Manninen
I love the way they generate narratives around your usage based on data. This (and Weekly Recommendations) is the way a service of this scale should use its vast data to provide user value. I've been Premium since they launched in the Nordics in 2008, holy shit, 7 years now!
Corey O
The Play it Forward playlist generated for you personally is really cool. 30 Tracks from 2015 of songs that you missed and they recommend for you. It's a really good use of their echonest tech (also used in Discover Weekly).

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