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Meetingbird for Gmail

View your calendar and schedule meetings right from Gmail

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Paul Dornier
Hey Product Hunt! I’m Paul, co-founder of Meetingbird. It goes without saying that a huge number of meetings are scheduled through back and forth emailing, with a ton of time wasted as a result. We’re excited to launch our extension for Google Chrome to fix that - it allows you to view your calendar and schedule meetings, right from Gmail. Meetingbird will even detect phrases like “How does tuesday afternoon sound?” and automatically show you your calendar for that day. Our beta testers have told us that it’s saving them a huge amount of time because they’re no longer switching back and forth between Gmail and their calendar to check their availability or schedule a meeting. We’re super excited to see what you all think and we’ll be around all day for questions! Paul
Randy Ksar
@pdornier_ so far having a great on-boarding experience. couple of things I got confused on but I've been in and out of meetings all day. congrats on the launch!
Arun Sathiya
@pdornier_ This looks exciting. Will we be seeing a Firefox version soon?
Arjun Paliath
Yaay, I love it. Really nice Webapp UI and the Gmail integration is too good🙌
Steven Hambleton
Does this mess with Rapportive or Mixmax in Gmail? I've installed Gmail add-ons before only to find them mess with my two most important Gmail productivity tools!
Henry Dornier
@stinhambo hey Steven! We have many users who use it with both Rapportive and Mixmax without issue!
Gabriele Sedda
Agree with @stinhambo. The tool seems really cool, but I am not able to use at the same time Rapportive and Yesware.
Paul Dornier
@stinhambo @gabrielesedda Good question - we actually purposefully designed the extension to be as minimal as possible to avoid any conflicts with other chrome extensions. The default setting is actually for the calendar window to be minimized away in the corner, so you shouldn't see any issues with using it with other extensions like Rapportive or Yesware. Let me know if you do run into any conflicts and we'll get a fix out!
Gabriele Sedda
@pdornier_ Thank you! It's not a conflict, but I can't minimize completely or move the Yesware integration (that is placed in the left part of the screen) so I am not able to see the right part of Meetingbird integration. I can send you a screenshot, if you want.
Paul Dornier
@gabrielesedda That'd be great - mind emailing me at We'll see what we can do to work around the Yesware content.
James Lau
I like because enables me to offer a number of options to the invitee.
Dre Durr💡
Meetings at a glance... I like it Dope🚬🚬
Ash Pearson
Very nice. It will be great to see some integrations with todo apps, such as Todoist!
Justo Garcia
Been using MeetingBird for a while now and can’t imagine not having this. What a great tool!
Max Greenwald
Happy to see this long awaited Meetingbird feature go live! At IgniteSTEM we've been using Meetingbird for over a year and love it - big time saver to use it in Gmail
Yuri Sagalov
I installed the chrome extension yesterday and it's probably the most useful extension I now have for productivity -- up there with Rapportive.
Izzy Piyale-Sheard
@yuris Rapportive is pretty outdated. Hasn't been updated in 3 years. Have you considered using other tools that do a better job? etc.
Ryan Williams
@izzydoesizzy rapportive still accomplishes all you need if for - see their LinkedIn and connect if desired. No need to update what isn't broken ;)
Kyle Wendling
@izzydoesizzy thanks for the intel, do these other tools also have linkedin api access?
I've been using this for about a week now and I think it's fantastic. My favorite feature is the ability to associate multiple meetings to a single project; the add-on for note taking is great, wish the Evernote integration was tighter, but overall pleased with how this is shaping up.
David Dávila
Nice! I'm already using it
Greg Rog
I'd also like to see some integrations with another applications, which are useful for organizing tasks and meetings. It looks simple enough so it can be just a part of daily Gmail experience, and that's a big plus for me.
Alexander Brooks Tapper
Awesome product as always, Henry and Paul! Meetingbird has officially killed Calendly in my workflow. Love it!
Eytan Buchman
First off, the Meetingbird team is off the hook at shipping features. I probably send out my Meetingbird link 10 times a day and can't count the number of times people write back when impressed with Meetingbird's product. Their interfaces are beautiful, their support is schweeet and this new plugin is just icing on the cake. Keep it up, @pdornier, you're doing something right.
Paul Dornier
@eytanbuchman this made my day :)
Eytan Buchman
@pdornier_ 👍🏿 Credit where credit due, man. LMK if you ever want a website testimonial.
Boris Berenberg
I used this a while back, was a good tool, had some issues specific to me that led me to switching away, but will be trying it again.
Bernie J Mitchell
The arrival of this was a deal breaker in switching to Meeting Bird ;-) ALSO the calendar is the same colours and view as my google calendar. This app does a lot and is worth the time to get it to work for you. I always welcome things that sit nicely in my google apps account ;)
David Head
Incredible product!
Andreas Dias
Seems like an awesome product! I know I've struggled having to switch between my emails and scheduling in my calendar app. That's probably when I'm using my calendar the most!
Nare Dovla
Looks great to use