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Figma 2.0

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Dylan Field
Hey there, I’m Dylan, the CEO of Figma. Super excited to introduce Figma 2.0 today -- now complete with Prototyping and Developer Handoff. We’re the only interface design tool that runs in the cloud, so we’re able to do some fun things with these features. In Figma the prototype is the design file, so it never goes out of date. As you make changes to your files, they’ll be reflected in real time in your presentations… no exporting necessary. Other highlights: - You can tweak frames or add screens to prototypes in real time while others watch. We’re already finding this hugely helpful in design critiques at Figma. - No need for endless versioning…or the crazy naming conventions that other tools require to order your artboards (good-bye artboard 1, artboard a1, artboard a1b, artboard a1bcdefgahhhhhfuckthis). - My new fav: You can navigate presentations from your phone. Any designers who dream of strolling the conference room like you’re giving a TED talk, this is your moment. - You can use components (symbols) with hot spots, so when you set a navigation from a component once, it will populate through all instances - Developers can access Developer Handoff tools in “view-only” mode, which means (1) they won’t accidentally mess up design files and (2) Figma teams do not have to pay for them to access! I wrote more about it here if you want to learn more: Figma is free for individuals (and students!). If you want to give it a try go to We’d love to hear what you think. Also happy to answer questions and get feedback on PH -- will this meet your design needs? What are you dying to see in the design tool space?
Kshitij Choudhary
@zoink have been using it for 3+ months now, haven't touched PS , Sketch. Totally in love with this. Love that framer was supporting import from Figma but now I see how things are changing. Haven't loved a tool as much as Figma after using PS for 6 years. Good luck with it.
Jonathan Simcoe
@zoink I've been using Figma since the early alpha days. As usual, your team does not disappoint! 👏 Thanks for continuing to pour blood, sweat, and tears into this tool and making it so powerful.
Hernán Romero
@zoink Nice one! I really like the ability to have components with hotspots. Can I migrate my Adobe XD projects to Figma?
Reony Tonneyck
Nick Neuman
I've heard great things about Figma, good to see a big update! I'd consider myself a novice Sketch user (I try to leave the real stuff to our designer who actually knows what he's doing). Figma and similar products like Framer seem like the "future" of design tools given how they simplify handoffs to devs, etc. without adding in external tools, but I haven't had time to test them out. I've got a couple of questions for you: 1. How difficult is Figma to pick up given a base level knowledge in Sketch? 2. How would you compare the pure design capabilities of Figma vs Sketch? You can obviously do a lot in Sketch - does Figma provide the same level of detail & control in designs? 3. Can Figma handle animations & transitions? If so, do those work with developer handoff?
Tom Johnson
@nneuman I've been converted from the Sketch camp over the last few months. If you have a good level of understanding of Sketch, it should be a smooth transition. There's a few features that are distinct, like symbols vs components, but overall they're very similar. I'd say that the only gap that Figma is currently missing vs Sketch, are the library of integrations and 3rd party plugins. This was a deal-breaker for me at first, but I've had a series of issues with plugins breaking my designs, so I'm actually liking it better without that worry in the back of my mind. These can be even more of a problem in a team environment. No transitions or animations yet. Not sure if this is on their roadmap, as they are integrated with Framer right now, but I'd agree that there's a good deal of potential here. Not to shamelessly plug, but I wrote a medium post on this topic about a month ago: . There's a bunch of questions that came up in the comments which might help you try it out.
Dylan Field
@nneuman Hey Nick, thanks for your questions! 1. I've heard people say they are able to transition from Sketch to Figma in less than an hour. Our keyboard shortcuts are pretty similar (except that 'v' is 'move tool' like in Adobe Illustrator, not the vector tool — this drives me crazy in Sketch...) and we even have Sketch import. 2. So I'm a bit biased, but I'd say we are even more powerful than Sketch. Our rendering is top notch and in many cases we are even faster than Sketch. We also have features like Vector Networks ( that enable you to create icons faster. 3. Not yet, but we integrate with Framer for these use cases.
Nick Neuman
@tomjohndesign Awesome article, thanks for the input Tom!
Nick Neuman
@zoink Thanks Dylan, I appreciate the answer and will check it out. Best of luck!
Alexander Isora 🦄
Hi, Dylan. I really adore the ideas and visions of your team. Alas, Figma is run by JS, so it is often laggy, the experience is not smooth. I understand that I'm complaining, and just a few year ago I could not even DREAMED of such a great tool. But. A good thing is easy to be addicted to. That is why Sketch is the most preferred design app for me for today ✌
Isaac Campbell
@alexanderisora I experience no lag whatsoever with Figma, even with nearly 50 frames and thousands of layers. In fact, Sketch runs slower for me!
Tom Johnson
@alexanderisora The only file I have that runs slow has 250k layers... so not sure what you're throwing at it to slow it down. Load times, yeah, not ideal, but overall usage is pretty good for me.
Dylan Field
@alexanderisora Hey Alexandra, our goal is to be the fastest tool around! Can you email me directly [my first name] at [figma] and cc [support] at [figma]? If you can send us an example file that's giving you issues (or even just system specs), we can investigate further and figure out what's going on.
Alexander Isora 🦄
@zoink sure Dylan. But there will be no surprise for you. As far as I can see, JS apps are always clumsier that their native analogs. Telegram>Slack, SublimeText>Atom, Sketch>Figma etc.
Dylan Field
@alexanderisora Give us a shot :) With respect: we are working very hard to prove you wrong. And if you can highlight some cases where we don't measure up just yet, we will do our best to fix them.
Kshitij Choudhary
@alexanderisora @isaacncampbell same
most venerable one
@zoink @alexanderisora Figma's engineering is absolutely amazing in this regard. I think it's incredibly unfair to compare them to something like Slack or Atom. They are one of the first users of web assembly which makes the app feel and run as good as a native app. It's seriously the best web app I have ever used. I am always so impressed whenever I use it.
Dima Blover💎
Great update!
Dylan Field
@dimablover Thanks, Dima!
Bruno Stasse
Really glad to see Figma entering the prototyping field, I think a lot of designers want an all-in-one UI design tool and watch with a great interest what’s going on with you, Framer, Sketch and their numerous plugins, Adobe XD, Atomic and many others. Great update, I hope advanced animations and transitions are on their way and will be as well implemented as the rest!
Dylan Field
@brunostasse Thanks, Bruno!
Vlad Magdalin
This is an amazing update, truly deserving of a "2.0" label - congrats Dylan and team!!!
Dylan Field
@callmevlad Thank you, Vlad!
Gregor B. Rosenauer
Looks great, finally a modern design tool outside of the walled Mac garden...
Garet Eliot
I literally just started using Figma last week. I'm incredibly impressed by the performance of the web app. Superb job guys, and great update 😻
Marlon Parker
carlos garcia
I dislike how all these prototyping tools elevate the designers job. While really all the hard work is done by the developer, not the hipster designers...
Shaan Puri
@androidlove weird comment dude
Jeffrey de Groot
Loving the pace at which you guys ship new features and improve the tool! I'm definitely considering moving to Figma (from Sketch), however, I think the UI (and especially the layer panel) is way too minimal and really hard to use. I would love to see that improved so I can make the switch! Keep up the good work! 🔥
Housseynou Fall
Nice work @zoink will definitely consider switching to figma soon. Sketch has begun to lag on me.
Aram Shahinyan
Great job. Very impressive. Loved the Google Material preloaded set.
Aram Shahinyan
Meanwhile, 2 concerns: 1. No Opera support 2. Too overwhelmed interface, especially for first time users. Too many options, buttons, icons and controls. One of my favorite similar products is Balsamiq, and imho their biggest advantage is the simple and clear UI. Keep up the great job!
Tim Raiter
Great update! Please, fix the Mirror problems. It can’t scale mock-ups to iPhone viewport. I am making mock-ups in x2 format. And I can’t look at them on iPhone, because the system can fit to screen. And waiting solution such as Craft for fill up content.
Josh Miller
Incredible update! Prototyping with living documents is a fun one to try and get your head around 😮 Killer work Figma team!
Ning Chen
Hi Dylan! Seems like Figma still have problems of supporting Chinese fonts.
Malte Scholz
I am a product manager and have little design skills or experience. In my startup saves me everyday in communicating with developers. Good job, guys.