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Real Pitch Decks From 40+ Top Startups

A collection of startup pitch decks that raised $1.4 Billion

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Sathyvelu Kunashegaran
Hey everyone! Creating a pitch deck is not an easy task. If you’ve never done it before and you’re a first-time entrepreneur, it can be incredibly daunting. It was for me, at least. Hence, repo of decks that I often look at if I'm lacking in idea or direction. Generally, they are found in news site (leaks), on reddit, slide share, etc. As I started collecting them in my gdrive, people I met at networking events and my peers in Startups started asking me access to it. I quickly realised that it could be a beneficial tool for every entrepreneur who is fundraising or making their own pitch deck. Hence, I created a page with all of them indexed. Most of the currently available lists like this are not properly indexed and they don't update often (as they are blogposts and often forgotten after). Currently, I have 40 decks compiled which have collectively raised about $700 million. I plan to add 3 to 5 every week as I find more decks available publicly. If you want to opensource or share your deck as well, do email it to me at and I will be more than happy to add it =) Oh and don't forget to share with those friends that have been asking you help with their pitch decks too ✌🏼! Do let me know if you have any feedback!
Aleksandra Legosteva
@dconstrct @sathyvelu_kunashegaran forgive my ignorance, but do you by chance have any blog entry or support article about how it works etc?
Sathyvelu Kunashegaran
@dconstrct @alek_lechick Hey there! What do you mean by how it works? The page itself or the decks?
Tom Flemming
It would be great to see an option to sort/filter them, for example by Angel, Seed, Series A, Series B, &c.
Sathyvelu Kunashegaran
@escapehatchco will do it over the next month!
Nick Abouzeid
Request for Product fulfilled! 😻
Sathyvelu Kunashegaran
@nickabouzeid would love to collaborate.
Dennis Stücken
@sathyvelu_kunashegaran me, too 😀
Erik Torenberg
@sathyvelu_kunashegaran @dstuecken DM me :-)
It's like Reddit except only investors can upvote your post to the frontpage.
Julien Lehuraux
Nice collection, good job! Would love a filter option too.
James Lau
Fantastic resource you've created Sathyvelu! Are there plans to make documents/templates easily downloadable and customisable? I wonder if that could be a way to monetise?
Chad Gilhoi
Great resource and entertaining reading....thanks!
Vaclav Bedrich
Amazing work! Just noticed one thing – Crew wasn't acquired by Dribbble this year, it's the exact opposite. Crew acquired majority in Dribbble.
Sathyvelu Kunashegaran
@vaclav_bedrich Thanks for the tip! Fixed and added more decks. It's now worth a total of $1.4billion!
Ash Pearson
This is super interesting
Michelle Grant
Thank you! It is so interesting and useful idea, that helped my team to make a great pitch deck!
Bryan Landers
Heads up, @sathyvelu_kunashegaran - the Square deck you have listed on there is an unofficial, unsolicited one from a few UC Berkeley students. Not a real deck. I wrote a post about discovering this showing verification from one of the student creators: Check your sources to make sure you're not propagating fake decks. 😉
Sathyvelu Kunashegaran
@bryanlanders thanks for finding about it! will update =)
Sathyvelu Kunashegaran
@bryanlanders Hey mate - fixed it and added more decks =)
Bryan Landers
@sathyvelu_kunashegaran 👏 Nice work. Excited to see the collection grow!
Zach Grosser
@sathyvelu_kunashegaran @bryanlanders The Square deck is available on (scroll down a ways). Here's the link for it too:
Bryan Landers
@sathyvelu_kunashegaran @zachgrosser That's cool, Zach! Thanks for sharing.
Prashanth Iyer
Isn't this same as This was also shared in PH
Sathyvelu Kunashegaran
@prashanth_iyer Hey mate - most of the currently available tools are not being updated with some made in 2016 and even 2015. The goal here is to keep the decks growing and include more as they surface.
Thomas Leitermann
@prashanth_iyer @sathyvelu_kunashegaran was about to share that as well... Maybe you can cooperate? I also like that they had some quotes from the CEOs next to it to add perspective...
Sathyvelu Kunashegaran
@prashanth_iyer @thomasleiterman Yeap - as you guys can see here, I just updated and added more decks that will bring the total collective value to 1.4Billion.
Sathyvelu Kunashegaran
@prashanth_iyer @thomasleiterman Wouldn't mind doing it, but it will make the site look too cluttered as now its designed to perform one task - to show decks.
Wa'il Ashshowwaf
Thanks for putting this together
Katie Griffing
Nice to see so many Latin American companies here. Many are featured in this post 'The Pitch Decks of 15 Latin American Startups Who Raised Over $1 Million':
Naotake Murayama
Would love to see a collection focused on first time fundraising pitches.
Abel Cuskelly
nice work
Markus Stefanko
Nice! Maybe embed them and add a way to add (anon for starters) comments? Also breakdowns would be interesting - e.g. how they differ from the "standard" suggested format
joe borza
Lisa Dziuba
helped us with making our deck today :) Thanks!
[deleted user]
This is awesome. I've been building a deck for over a month and would love it if you guys added some kind of forum to get feedback from people experienced in reviewing decks. The hardest part is getting feedback before you pitch, in my opinion.



If you need to raise money for your startup, your first step will be to create a pitch deck. Creating a pitch deck is not an easy task. If you’ve never done it before and you’re a first-time entrepreneur, it can be incredibly daunting. It was for me, at least. 

Hence, here's a long list of decks that I often look at if I'm lacking in idea or direction. Now, you can too!



Series D - $335m - Investment from Goldman Sachs, T. Rowe Price, Wellington Management, etc.

Pre Seed - Got into an incubator by IAC Hatch Labs.


Seed - Raised $600k - Invested by 500 Startups, Biz Stone, Digital Garage, Dan Martell, Andy McLoughlin


Seed - Raised $1m - Invested by Mark Cuban and acquired by Spotify in 2016. 

Series A - Raised $3.5M - Investment from Hearst Ventures, SoftBank Capital, Ken Lerer, etc.

Series C - Raised $16.5m - Invested by Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures, Thrive Capital and Ashton Kutcher


Series A - $7m - Investment from Union Square Ventures, Spark Capital, K9 Ventures, etc

Seed - Raised $1.35m - Investment from Chad Stoller, Sergio Salvatore, Jack Dorsey, Kevin Rose, etc.


Series A - $6.5m - Investment from Arena Ventures, Drummond Road Capital, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Henry McNamara, etc.

Series B - Raised $18m - Invested by Foundry Group and Ignition Partners

Series B - $20m - Investment from Salesforce Ventures, IDEA Fund Partners, Core Capital Partners, etc

Venture Round - Raised $2.5m - Investment from Rise Capital and Capital Invent

Series A - Raised $2.7m - Acquired by Silicone Valley Bank (August 2015)

Series A - Raised $8m - Acquired by Google on October, 2006

Series A - Raised $9m - Investment from Greycroft Partners, Raine Ventures.


Series B - Raised $9m - Investment from Jackson Square Venture and Sigma Prime Ventures.

Series D - Raised $9m - Invested by River Cities Capital Funds.

Seed - Raised $3m - Investment from Accel Partners and Helion Venture Partners.

Series B - Raised $16m - Investment from Benchmark Capital and Index Ventures

Series A - Raised $7m - Invested by Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Female Founders Fund, etc.

Seed - Raised $1.9m - Investment from Impression Ventures, Joe Canavan, Roger Martin, etc

Crew (Formerly Oompf)

Seed - Raised $10m - Acquired a majority in Dribbble on April 6, 2017

Series B - Raised $542m - Invested by Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, etc

Series B - Raised $10m - Acquired by Microsoft on June 25, 2012

Series A - Raised $1.53m - Invested by Qualcomm Ventures, Kima Ventures, etc


Series B - Raised $5m - Acquired by Delivery Hero on June 26, 2014

Venture - Raised $79m - Invested by Access Industries, Northgate Capital, etc

Seed - Raised an undisclosed amount - Investment from First Round Capital, Marc Andreessen, etc.

Seed round slides from Coinbase at YCombinator's demo day 2012.

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