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Crisp Livechat

The most modern experience to talk to website visitors

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P-Edward Lieb
Great job guys !
Baptiste Jamin
@pedward_lieb Thank you!
Jasmine Anteunis
Good job guys! :)
Baptiste Jamin
@jasmineanteunis Thank you Jasmine! Hope to be integrated with Recast soon!
Baptiste Jamin
3 month after Crisp 2.0, we release our revolutionary Livechat! It contains a lot of innovations, including: - The new LiveAssist feature allows your agent to take control of your visitor screen and assist them - Video calls - Drip Campaigns - A new CRM part - A bot feature to auto-reply to customers - The first in-chat game, allowing your visitors to wait when you are offline - You can start using Livechat and then hand-over using other channels (Messenger, Twitter, SMS, Email)
Joey Tawadrous
@baptistejamin Wow guys this is an exceptional update. You've added so many feature-rich upgrades that I'm sure so many people (including myself) will find useful.
Rasmus Bernt Knudsen
@baptistejamin Sounds great. Have you considered (if not done already) to make it possible for people to leave a recorded audio/video message - for inspiration check ''
Baptiste Jamin
@rasmus_bernt_knudsen It's possible :)
Félipé Upperlife
Livechat Video! Bravo la team
Baptiste Jamin
@falemaster Thank you !
Robin Herzog
Awesome works Crisp thanks
Baptiste Jamin
@robinherzog_ Thank you!
Nicolas Le Roux
Awesome product with great new features, congratulations!
Baptiste Jamin
@nico_lrx Thank you Nicolas!
Lisa Dziuba
Love your chat! Using it right now on our site and it makes our life so easier!
Baptiste Jamin
@lisadziuba Thank you Lisa!
Adam Cellary
This product is a killer! I'm using it since few months and it works really great, and now video calls inside toolbox chat?! Awesome idea and i think it's really revolutionary approach! Congratulations!!
Baptiste Jamin
@acellary Thank you Adam!
Nick Coates
Some amazing features! The video calls being one that I'm excited about 😎 Awesome job 👍
Baptiste Jamin
@gadgick Thank you! This new version also contains the "LiveAssist" feature to take control of your visitor's screen :)
Kalo Yankulov
@baptistejamin Where we can see a demo of LiveAssist? :) sounds sexy
Baptiste Jamin
@kaloyanyankulov Just go on Crisp, and chat with me
Ravi Srinivasan
Baptiste Jamin
@ravsydney Thank you!
Alexander Diatlov
Guys, keep rocking! Your live chat is really good, we use it every day for our support :)
Jack Smith
"The most modern"... that's a new one. usually is "the most beautiful", or something equally unquantifiable
Maneesh Sethi
@_jacksmith help me understand
@_jacksmith @maneesh It's pretty understandable to me... I agree, it takes the most modern approach. Unquantifiable, yes. Truly differentiated? Hell yes. For now...
Jack Smith
@stephenalan it's a bullshit tagline that imho the company shouldn't make, but users should decide. No product can self claim to be the "most modern" or "best designed".
@_jacksmith I understand your frustration. But, it's business. BS claims are made on a regular basis. It's the user's connection to it that counts, who usually won't care if the claim is unquantifiable or even substantiated. It's marketing. Let's face it. The greatest marketers make some of the most audacious claims. McDonald's "I'm Lovin It?" - hardly.
Marc Montagne
As always, I'm more than impressed by the great work you guys have been doing over the past iterations of Crisp and proud of being a member since the beginning! A huge congrats to the whole team!
Valerian Saliou
@marcaime Thanks Marc. And double-thanks for the initial hunt of our V1!
Dean Jacobson
Nice work to everyone @Crisp! Keep up the good work!
Ufo Nguyen
Good job guys! Thanks!!!!
Baptiste Jamin
@ufo_nguyen Thank you!
Patrick Joubert
Great product and great team! :)
Tobias Theil
Video chat is an awesome and super innovative feature. I can't wait to switch to crisp. Awesome focus on the problem you're solving!
Baptiste Jamin
@tbsthl Thank you Tobias!
Is this competing with intercom or have I missed something?
Justin Miramontes
@angus_halen quite directly, yes. We use crisp on our Shopify stores. much more affordable.
@iamjustinm great to hear. I am running a free trial of intercom right now but I’m not happy with the cost. I will install crisp this evening.
carlos garcia
Have been using messenger platform. But this is more inviting to visitors, will be switching to this. Thanks for making a choice for this easy, great service.
Valerian Saliou
@androidlove Thank you Carlos!
Nitesh Manav
Just experienced the Live assist demo. It's awesome :) You guys are incredible. I wish if we could actually click things remotely like what we could do with 'Team Viewer'. You said it's technically possible, you haven't enabled it because of security reasons. Can't you put an option to enable once the support team take a consent from the user in terms of the exchange of an OTP that can be remotely generated and sent to the user's email and surely only if the user has already submitted his/her email ID?

Get 2x More Leads Using Automation

Statistics show that website visitors "closed" using live chat tend to buy more than others. Using Crisp Triggers, you can send automated messages to these potential leads.

Crisp Bot Auto-Responder saves you time by replying automatically to frequently asked questions.

Close deals using video chat

The first video chat for customers

60% of scheduled calls never happen. Crisp solves this issue by including video calls, which let you make direct contact with customers. No external plugin required.

Make issue resolution a frictionless experience.

Don't limit yourself to text

Have a Richer Conversation

Business messaging doesn't have to be robotic. With Crisp, you can use audio, video, GIFs, file drop, and pickers to create a personalized experience for your customers. With Audio, video messages, GIFs, files, and pickers create a personalized experience

Help users on the go with MagicBrowse and LiveAssist

When your users would rather have you do it for them, Crisp lets you take control of their webpage to resolve the issue.

Get Social With Livechat

Start with chat, close using the channel that makes the most sense.

After your users initiate a chat, they can then be handed over to other channels for the close. Email, SMS, Messenger, Twitter—Crisp can do it all.

Introducing the first in-chat game

Did you know that you only have two minutes to reply to a chat request before the customer leaves?

We solve this issue with a fun video game that keeps users on the line.

Fits your brand

Seamless integration with mobile apps

You can embed Crisp in mobile apps using our mobile SDKs

Start communicating with customers now.

Use it for free and setup Crisp in 5 minutes.Start using Crisp